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Vivrant Thing

Inspiration #8

Music: “Vivrant Thing” – Q Tip-
Design: Flip Face
Lifestyle: God of War III


Motion Reel by Rambhat

Reel by Rambhat


Music: MGMT “Electric Feel (Justice Remix)”
Design: Hip Hop
Lifestyle: Nike (Red) Laces

By: Philip Szrama

Inspiration #5

Music:  Mike Snow “Burial (Remix)”

Design: Architecture

Lifestyle: MacBook Case


Eastbound Wind by: Sig Culhane

Sig Culhane

Inspiration #4

Music: “Starry Eyed Surprise” -Paul Oakenfold-

Design: Great Typography

Lifestyle: Monster Beats “Spin”


Fuel or Food by Doug Burnett

Doug Burnett

Inspiration #3

Music: Britney Spears – “3 (Dallas K remix)”

Design: Nike Ad

Lifestyle: M Stand

Beautiful Day

©2010 ~embrionproducciones

Inspiration #2

Music: Kidda “Under The Sun (Herves Aint No Sunshine Mix)”

Design: Andrew Archer

Lifestyle: Book Shelves

The Start 2009 ~

Inspiration #1:

Music: Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi – “Symphonies (remix)”

Design: Liquid Person

Lifestyle: 29 Healthiest Foods